"You gotta try this."
"Pass your plate over here."
"Can I have a sip?"
"I want one of everything."
"Here, take my fork."
​"I'll have a glass of what he ordered."
 If you've ever uttered one of these phrases, you already know what small plates are all about, and you're ready for the Spuntini experience. It's the polar opposite of a traditional, static 3-course meal. Guests are encouraged - expected - to explore any and every taste on the menu. We offer small, delicious portions that you're open to mix and match depending on how hungry you are - and how much you hunger for variety. At Moretti’s, there are no rules, just the freedom to order, eat, talk with friends...then do it all over again. The same holds true with wine. We'll help guide you through our expansive wine list, discovering exotic new tastes and friendly food parings along the way. As for our environment, it's created not to just celebrate food, but to experience those who enjoy it - open, sophisticated, relaxed. Moretti’s is the perfect place to sample and sip your way through an evening.
 Family is very important to me and my three children are very much involved and are a foundation of inspiration in many of the dish-es. I want to have my guest feel like they are sitting down at my dinner table in my home and have the experience I share with my family and friends when we get together. This was the revelation I had that sparked the idea for the new menu: 
"I love the creative side of cooking and the opportunities to create dishes that make you smile and want more. I use the freshest, local ingredients at Moretti’s to create dishes that excite the palate. I encourage guests to order several small plates so they can try a variety of dishes. The greatest compliment a guest can give me is an empty plate.”  -Tim Moretti Owner


 I am often trying new things to not only express my creative side, but to challenge myself and hopefully create new dishes that will please my customers. I have been fortunate enough to have had the chance to learn the art of Italian cooking at the side of my mother, father and grandparents. Now that I am a third generation restaurant owner, and have opened Moretti’s of Arlington in 2000, I make the same traditional dishes that have been in my family for years. I take great pride in that all dishes that arrive to your table on one of our plates is always prepared fresh, by me personally, six days a week in house. I make everything from the pasta to the bread to the sauce each afternoon for your enjoyment each night. All the dishes that you enjoy come from a long tradition of Moretti recipes.